Advancement has built a 40+ year successful reputation servicing its client’s needs and has filled hundreds of positions of our clients. Not every need and search are the same and can require a different approach and urgency. If you have only one special need or many in different groups, we have the right solution to fit your needs.

Advancement offers multiple services:


Our Retained fee plan is typically used for the most senior level management, executive need or critical skill requirement. Sometimes it is used for a confidential search but this plan enables our firm to engage a full research team, advertisements and enable the search as a top priority to provide the most extensive search effort possible.


This plan is very popular and requested frequently as a search option. It is used for circumstances that carry some urgency, require critical technical skills, or is a key role to the organization. The plan requires a modest, non-refundable engagement fee that is later applied as a credit towards the standard fee upon a start date.


This plan is another popular service used to identify candidates. The predetermined fee of the salary is awarded upon the successful start of the candidate. 


Whether billed on a 1099 or through our employer of record complete service, which handles all the insurance, and paperwork, this option can bring a qualified talent quickly on board your firm to solve immediate needs, usually short term up to 12 months.


This option is like contract placement but used when the intention is to convert the contractor/consultant to a full time direct employee after a trial period.


We act as an extension to your internal recruitment team as an external resource partner to provide you sourcing capability for all or part of your hardest needs on a contract rate.


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