“Advancement has been an integral part of my 25-year career navigating me through Defense & Commercial Engineering and Program Manager opportunities in Business and Technology areas. The company’s innovated and professional approach lead to numerous interviews and offers for exceptional compensated employment prospects with outstanding benefit packages including personal educational expansion. The foundation of Advancement’s demonstrated success and effective business strategy is based on the unique principle of focusing on the individual’s strengths and requirements that corresponds with the appropriate recruitment objectives. Advancement always provided timely support to prospects I referred to them including offering substantial assistance in exploring career directions for my family members. I have found Advancement to be a Recruiter-Extraordinaire!”

—Jerry B.


Scott contacted me about job opportunities that matched my background well. Scott knew what type of skill set the company’s were looking for and really communicated well with me and in a very professional manners and listened to what I was looking for. I have had few calls from the company and am scheduled for on site interview. I highly recommend Scott, he is always available, returns emails and phone calls. It has been a blessing to know Scott!!



I’ve had the privilege of knowing Scott for over twenty years. I have always been impressed with his knowledge of the technology industry, his firm grasp of the hiring process and his overall keen business demeanor. Scott is one of those unique and rare recruiters who speak the language of both the candidate and the client. He has a solid understanding of the nuances in corporate America, particularly the issues and processes involved within candidate selection, skill requirements, timing and fit. His strong forte is his desire to create a lasting match, one that satisfies an employer’s need for talent and the candidates need for an appropriate environment, challenge and desired career development. Scott is a gem amongst recruiters.

Bob P.


Scott contacted me about a job opportunity at a time when I was thinking about making a transition but was not actively seeking other employment. Scott knew the company, knew what they were looking for and really listened to what I was looking for in any possible transition. He found a position that seems to be a great fit, helped with getting my questions answered, and was a great liaison. I started my new job   two weeks ago, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I would highly recommend Scott for his professionalism and knowledge.

Carson M.


Scott brought an opportunity to my attention about a month or so ago. It was in another city that I hadn’t considered and so it wasn’t flagged in my normal job searches. Due to Scott’s “inside information” about the company and the new city, I decided to accept their invitation for a plant visit/interview. After talking to the team, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find out the position was a great fit on both sides. Well one thing led to another and I’ll be starting my new job very soon. Thanks Scott – I can’t wait to start! I wouldn’t have considered this position if it weren’t for you!

Thomas M