Advancement is a premier national technology recruiting and search firm and is partnered with multiple outstanding clients in multiple US locations to make introductions for key leaders in many core fields. Openings exist in most US States with featured needs in AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL,  MD,  MA, NY, NH, TX, and VA.

We have various needs in the Aerospace, Defense, and Semiconductor industries from Design Engineer, Staff Engineer, Principal Engineer and Technical Fellow. Management needs are on a case by case basis.

Featured Core requirements include but are by far not limited to the following listing below. See our Industries served page on for a complete listing of all technologies and markets served.

Core competencies:

  • Systems Engineering & Architecture (design, architecture, requirements flow down, experience across the development lifecycle)
  • Systems Integration and Test Engineering
  • Software, Firmware, FPGA, ASIC & Microelectronics Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering/Anti-tamper Engineering (also cryptography, forensics)
  • Cybersecurity Engineering (prefer embedded cyber/cyber-physical. Note: Not Cyber Operations)
    • Cyber-attack/threat modeling
  • System and Software Security Analysis/Vulnerability Assessment/Cyber T&E
  • Realtime Embedded Software C++/C#
  • Hardware architecture -SOC, CPU, EDA, RTL
  • Power Supply design
  • RF/Microwave Design, Amps,Mixers, Filters
  • Radar Design, Target tracking, Algorithms, Signal processing
  • Analog or Mixed Signal Design, RTL, Converter
  • Design verification or physical designers, ASIC, UVM, Python

Our clients are currently  offering significant challenges, outstanding growth, exciting projects, potential paid relocation,  exceptional  packages  and incentives geared to optimize your financial interests.  

In today’s uncertain world, it would seem prudent to keep all options open. Every client is taking every step to assure your safety concerns during the Covid-19 Crisis including video interviews.

How to apply is easy. Click on this link to access Advancement’s website for candidate submission and upload your resume or email us at [email protected] for immediate consideration.

Thank you

Scott Hall, President